Literature of the New South Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

James Lane Allen
Flute and Violin and Other Kentucky Tales and Romances (short stories) 1891

George Washington Cable
Old Creole Days (short stories) 1879
The Grandissimes (novel) 1880
John March, Southerner (novel) 1895

Charles Waddell Chesnutt
“The Goophered Grapevine” (short story) 1887
The Conjure Woman (short stories) 1899
The Wife of His Youth (short stories) 1899

Kate Chopin
Bayou Folk (short stories) 1894
A Night in Acadie (short stories) 1897
The Awakening (novel) 1899

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (novel) 1876
Life on the Mississippi (memoirs) 1883
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (novel) 1885

John Esten Cooke
The Virginia Bohemians (novel) 1880
My Lady Pokahontas (novel) 1885

John Fox, Jr.
The Kentuckians (novel) 1897

Ellen Glasgow
The Descendant (novel) 1897
Voice of the People (novel) 1899
The Battle-Ground (novel) 1902

Henry Woodfin Grady
“The New South” (speech) 1886

Joel Chandler Harris
Uncle Remus: His Songs and Sayings (poetry and short stories) 1880
Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches (short stories) 1887
Uncle Remus and His Friends (poetry and short stories) 1892
Gabriel Tolliver (novel) 1902

Lafcadio Hearn
Chita: A Memory of Last Island (novel) 1889

Mary Johnston
Prisoners of Hope: A Tale of Colonial Virginia (novel) 1898
To Have and To Hold (novel) 1900

Grace Elizabeth King
Monsieur Motte (short stories) 1888

Mary Noailles Murfree
In the Tennessee Mountains (short stories) 1884

Thomas Nelson Page
In Ole Virginia; or, Marse Chan and Other Stories (short stories) 1887
The Old South (essay) 1892
Red Rock (novel) 1898

Irwin Russell
“Christmas Night in the Quarters” (poetry) 1878