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What poetic and creative techniques are used in this webpage's text?

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There are plenty of examples of figurative language and creative techniques in the text. For example, at the very beginning we find a creative technique in the form of metaphor when the author says

.. the ‘breezy’ day with ‘sunny intervals’ turned out to be ‘blowing a hoolie’ and ‘light rain’.

These are figurative similes where he compares phrases. Moreover, the author is trying to instill in the reader a connection to nature. This is why we find instances of phrases such as

we might as well see the Ingleton Falls at their most dramatic

This is an example of personification because no natural accident is "dramatic". They are simply the way that they were formed. Moreover, there are also moments of poetic techniques when the author extends the way in which the sensory activators work. The sound of the water, the force of the wind, and the smell in the air, motivate the reader to interact with this visual in a way that comes as much as close to the real thing:

In places the path hangs above the torrent, adding to the drama.  When the route eventually moved away from the river we could still hear the sound of rushing water.

The reason why this is creative is because, a) water is NOT dramatic; it just flows, and,  b) water does not rush, it merely cycles. The "rushing" that the author grants it is yet another form of personification and characterization that, in informative writing, would not exist.

Aside from these literary incidents, we find that the author expresses himself quite laboriously in his criticism against having to pay to seeing these natural wonders. This conveys the real voice of the author because it extrapolates his personality traits: he loves nature and, by default, he misses the point as of why he needs to spend hard-earned money to enjoy the many gifts provided by nature.

This is the reason why he bestows so many gifted meanings to the natural sights that he is so happy to write about: because he is a lover of nature who, as a tendency, gives human traits to all that he sees around him to denote his worldly connections to everything. That is a very humanitarian and gentle expression of gratitude, in the long scheme of things. 

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