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Which is correct: "How is your studies?", "How are your studies?", or "How is your study?"

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Being a bit of a traditionalist myself, I would throw my hat in with ladyvols1. "How is your studies" is not only awkward but is also a direct affront to the established rules of subject/verb agreement. Check out any middle school grammar book for confirmation. That said, I can understand why you would post such a question. It is becoming more and more difficult to determine what is vernacular (English B) and what is proper English (English A). There is absolutely a time and place for each, with audience and occasion being two of the main deciding factors.

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If you keep in mind the rule concerning subject verb agreement the correct sentence is "How are your studies?"  The rule states that the subject and verb must agree.  If you have a plural verb, you must have a plural subject.  If you have a singular verb the subject must also be singular.  Subjects and verbs must also follow parallel structure and be the same tense throughout the sentence.

Also keep in mind that the statement, "How are your studies?" is not a correct formal sentence.  This is a question that is worded rather awkwardly.  A better way to write the sentence would be,  "How are you doing with your school work?"

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