Which statement best reflects Rosenthal's purpose in writing the essay?

a. He wants to mock the visitors who can't stomach the grisly tour.

b. He wants to discover the reason for the young woman's smile in the photograph.

c. He wants to help ensure that the atrocities at the camp won't be forgotten.

d. He wants to report news that has never before been revealed about the camp.

Expert Answers

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I assume that you are asking about A. M. Rosenthal's essay "No News from Auschwitz."  If so, I would say that the correct answer is C.

The whole point of the essay, in my opinion, is that somehow people have forgotten what has happened at the death camp.  It was the scene of such horror but now people are not really treating it like it is anything special.

I think that he is saying that this is not how things should be.  Auschwitz should not just be some place where the trees are green and children play.  It should be a place where there is somewhere to pray and people do really think about what has happened there.

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