What does Zits mean when he says, "Flight is supposed to be beautiful. It's supposed to be pure."

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Zits is the main character of the novel. He is convicted of shooting people in the lobby of a bank. While in holding he undergoes several transformations and ends up in the body of Jimmy. Jimmy is a pilot whose best friend was named Abbad. He taught his friend how to fly and is proud to be able to share such a beautiful skill. However, he is devastated when his friend turns out to be a terrorist. Abbad crashes his plane into downtown Chicago. Jimmy feels a sense of guilt for having been the one who taught Abbad how to fly. He also experiences a great sadness in the disappointment that his friend hurt so many.

In this quote Zits is reflecting on how beautiful moments and actions can be made evil in the wrong hands. Flight is a beautiful thing, however, Abbad used it for evil. Similarly, his friendship with Justice gave him confidence and trust. However, Justice manipulated him into committing an act of violence.

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