What is the summary of Danger in the Harbor by JoAnn A. Grote?

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Danger in the Harbor is the sixth book in the young-adult “The American Adventure” series by JoAnn A. Grote. Written for eight- to twelve-year-olds, this series follows a storyline that spans several generations of a fictional family over several centuries.

Danger in the Harbor is set in 1713, during a time when Queen Anne’s War is nearly over. The story focuses on twelve-year-old Beth Smith, along with her family and other residents of Boston. It portrays how difficult life still remains after a fire that destroyed much of the town over a year prior to this story. Although Beth’s home was not destroyed, life is still difficult because of the lasting consequences of the fire to the people close to her, including her widowed sister, whose little son, Robert, she must now watch over.

With everyday life still revolving around the now-ending war and its devastating repercussions, it is nearly too much when a grain shortage begins to cause riots in Boston on top of everything else.

JoAnn A. Grote has written over thirty-five books. She is a Minnesota native whose work reflects her Christian religious beliefs and weaves historical facts into a colonial children’s tale of faith and courage.

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