What are King Solomon's positive qualities in Rosenfeld's "King Solomon"?

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Being a modern hero taken in a parody from an ancient story, Solomon has more negative qualities than positive ones as he grapples with the petty realities of daily existence instead of grappling with enormous philosophical and moral issues as traditional heros formerly did (although daily existence has its fair share of enormous philosophical and moral issues as well, whether or not they are recognized as such).

Some of Solomon's positive qualities are that he is generous and doesn't hoard his wealth but rather spends it on caring for his accumulation of wives and mistresses, as well as other luxuries. Another positive quality is that he is a thinker and has enough ambition to publish a collection of thoughtful books--never mind they seem remote from the realities of life. Another positive quality is that he has charismatic appeal to women and is never wanting for female companionship. The Queen of Sheba seems to see right through him however.

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