What is the theme of Brian Williams' essay "Enough About You"?

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In this essay, Brian Williams is arguing that the public focus on oneself makes one more likely to miss out on important things happening in the world. This is due to the rise of the internet, which makes it easier for people to find content that directly impacts and focuses on them—and which they agree with. A major theme in the essay is the dangers of the personalization of the internet.

Williams clearly believes that the internet has become too personalized and too catered to each person. The danger of this is that it distracts people from other news that isn't as directly interesting or relevant to that person. He points out that it's easy to find anything you want—even people juggling kittens—or even to publish and share your own voice. Traditional media, to Williams, seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur. He says that using a traditional newspaper is like visiting Colonial Williamsburg in the age of the internet.

But the news is complicated, and it doesn't always spark an immediate interest in the public. However, that doesn't mean that people don't need to know it. If the personalization of the internet that caters to people keeps them from missing this important news, it might not be a good thing. He believes that we might miss great new things if we're completely focused on our personal bubbles and things that we already know.

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