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Can you provide an act-by-act summary of The Vultures by Vijay Tendulkar?

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The Vultures by Vijay Tendulkar is a play that delves into gender, power, and social inequality in rural India. Act I introduces Gomti, a struggling widow whose son, Shankar, is imprisoned, leaving her vulnerable. In Act II, Saheb, a higher-caste neighbor, offers help with ulterior motives, but Gomti resists his exploitation. Act III sees Shankar's release and subsequent revenge on Saheb, resulting in tragic consequences. The play underscores the oppression of lower-caste women and the vicious cycle of violence stemming from social disparity.

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The Vultures is a play written by Vijay Tendulkar that explores the themes of gender, power, and social inequality. The play is set in rural India and follows the story of Gomti, a poor, lower-caste woman who becomes a victim of social injustice and oppression.

Act I: The first act introduces Gomti, a widow who lives in a small village. She is struggling to make ends meet and relies on her son's income to survive. However, her son, Shankar, has been imprisoned for stealing, leaving Gomti with no source of income. Gomti's neighbor, Saheb, who is from a higher caste and is wealthy, offers to help her but with a hidden motive.

Act II: In the second act, Saheb reveals his true intentions and tries to exploit Gomti in exchange for financial aid. Gomti refuses his advances and demands that he give her money without any conditions. Saheb, however, refuses to do so and threatens to harm Gomti's son if she does not comply.

Act III: Gomti's son is released from prison, but he is now burdened with the knowledge of what happened to his mother. He is enraged and decides to take revenge on Saheb. In the end, Gomti's son kills Saheb, and Gomti is left to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Overall, the play highlights the systemic oppression faced by lower-caste women in rural India and the ways in which men in positions of power exploit them. It also showcases the cyclical nature of violence and the destructive consequences of social inequality.

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