Which two passages in Lucy Gayheart are interconnected?

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Two passages that connect well are concerned with Lucy’s understanding of the promise of life: first, when she falls in love with Sebastian—her mentor and employer—after the death of his estranged wife; and later, when she fully realizes Sebastian's impact on her after his death.

After a long, heartfelt dinner conversation with Sebastian, Lucy returns to his home the next day. When he takes her into his arms,

Lucy felt him take everything that was in her heart; there was nothing to hold back any more. His soft, deep breathing seemed to drink her up entirely, to take away all that was timid, uncertain, bewildered. Something beautiful and serene came from his heart into hers; wisdom and sadness. If he took her secret, he gave her his in return; that he had renounced life. Nobody would ever share his life again. But he had unclouded faith in the old and lovely dreams of man; that he would teach her and share with her.

In chapter 8, after learning of Sebastian’s death in a boating accident, Lucy moves from Chicago back to her hometown. She is still in mourning. She realizes that she is recovering when she has an epiphany: She must remember Sebastian not only in terms of the connection she had with him but in the things over which they had bonded. What matters most is not that he had introduced her to those things and shared them with her but that she understand their meaning on her own terms.

She wanted flowers and music and enchantment and love,—all the things she had first known with Sebastian. What did it mean,—that she wanted to go on living again? How could she go on, alone?.... Suddenly something flashed into her mind, so clear that it must have come from without, from the breathless quiet. What if—what if Life itself were the sweetheart? It was like a lover waiting for her in distant cities—across the sea; drawing her, enticing her, weaving a spell over her….

Oh, now she knew! She must have it, she couldn't run away from it. She must go back into the world and get all she could of everything that had made him what he was. Those splendours were still on earth, to be sought after and fought for. In them she would find him.

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