Is there a study guide for "The Treasure of Lemon Brown"?

Expert Answers

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There is currently not a study guide on eNotes for this short story. However, it is possible to deeply read through the text in order to understand key concepts that can help with your study.

One way you can analyze this text is to look closely for a theme. As a reminder, themes are central messages in the story. A reader can learn to evaluate themes by looking closely at character, plot, and such literary devices as symbolism and mood.

Take, for example, the meaning of the word "treasure" in the story. Greg learns from Lemon Brown that the value of something is highly personal. Only the real owner of this treasure can ever appreciate its real worth and pass it on to other people. When you explore this theme, look for evidence in the text where you see this thematic topic of treasure. That should lead you in the right direction!

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