What are your thoughts on chapters 1 and 2 in Tempt Me at Twilight?

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The first two chapters of Lisa Kleypas' Tempt Me at Twilight introduce us to Poppy Hathaway and her family situation that always seems to tend toward chaos. Poppy wants a normal life with her beloved Michael, but they cannot marry if there is any hint of impropriety about her situation. And there always seems to be impropriety somewhere. You are asked for your response to the first two chapters. Let's brainstorm some responses you might make.

You might find some humor in Poppy's situation, for example, but also recognize the seriousness beneath the humor. In Poppy's time and place, young women were much more restricted than they are today. Poppy, in chasing her sister's ferret to retrieve her love letter, finds herself in a rather serious situation and in the company of a strange man who wants her to stay for tea. If Poppy is worried about impropriety, she now has plenty to worry about.

You could also discuss how much we learn about Poppy in these first two chapters. Her perspective shows us her inner thoughts and fears and hopes. We also see her adventurous side. Think, too, about the mysterious man that Poppy meets in the secret passage. He intrigues her. Perhaps he intrigues you, too. If so, ask yourself what is so interesting about him. Consider whether Poppy should be afraid of this man and also why she is so attracted to him.

Finally, you may comment on the setting of these two chapters. This hotel has a public face and a private face. Consider how this might play out in the rest of the novel.

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