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In "On the Sidewalk Bleeding," why did the cop refer to "A Royal" before writing in his pad?

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The cop doesn't know anything about Andy except his gang affiliation. He doesn't see a human being lying there in the alleyway, brutally stabbed to death; he only sees a dead gang member, one of many he's probably seen over the years. For the cop, Andy's being a Royal defines him, tells him all he needs to know about this latest victim of gang-related violence and all he cares to know.

The irony here is that the cop adopts the exact same attitude to Andy as the rival gang member who stabbed him. The Guardian who killed Andy saw the purple jacket emblazoned with "THE ROYALS" and that was all he needed to know. He couldn't have cared less about the real, live human being wearing it. For both the Guardian and the cop who finds Andy's body, Andy was just a Royal and nothing more.

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In this story, we understand that the cop saw only symbolism of the jacket. He saw Andy as a member of a gang and nothing more. In his job, the cop had probably seen much violence between the Royals and the Guardians. Because he summed up the incident and Andy’s life, with that one word, the reader can assume that his report will be influenced by this attitude. He did not understand what Laura meant when she said, “His name is Andy.” The cop responded like the rest of the world. An irony is that it was only when he was dying that  Andy began to understand this himself—that he was more than a gang member.

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In the story, "On the Sidewalk Bleeding," why did the cop say "a Royal" at the end of the story?

 Andy is the main character in this short story. His member ship in the Royals, a street gang, has recently been the central focus of his young life. He took pride in wearing the purple silk jacket and the message that it sent to those who saw him wearing it: he was a Royal – tough, proud and invincible. When he was stabbed in the alley, however, he desperately wanted to escape this gang symbol that led to the attack. In his desperation, he removes the jacket and struggles with his dying breath to push it away. Still, when the police officer sees a young man stabbed to death in the street next to a purple silk Royals jacket, he immediately concludes that the death is due to gang warfare. He never knew Andy personally, but he knows that deaths such as this one are typical among those involved with gangs. The story suggests that the case is then virtually closed and the investigation over

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