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Is the protagonist considered a tragic hero?

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The protagonist is the leading or main character. If your story is told from a first-person point of view, the protagonist is usually the narrator. A protagonist is not always a tragic hero, but they definitely could be. A tragic hero is a protagonist in a story that falls (at least partly) into the category of tragedy. An example of a tragic hero would be Romeo in Romeo and Juliet or Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. In film, an example of a tragic hero would be Deadpool. These are flawed but generally still good people, who are ultimately responsible for their own downfall by making poor choices. The term "tragic hero" originates from Aristotle. Typically, as readers, we still like these characters and find them relatable, despite their flaws. These characters engage us emotionally and are much more "human" than protagonists who are flawless.

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