How can one perform an intrinsic analysis on characters?

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In general, in English Literature, teachers and examiners will expect a Character Analysis piece to cover certain features. Start with the character's name, their role in the novel or play, and mention the point at which they enter the narrative. Give a little background, for example, you could state whether the reader knows anything about the character already (perhaps through mention by another character, or even the author) Describe the character's entrance before going on to a brief description of the other features. These could include appearance, age, background,socio-economic context and status but don't spend too long on this - examiners are mostly interested in the relationships with other characters, interactions and effect on the reader.

Outline where the character fits in to the plot and the significance they hold in the action or trajectory. Consider issues such as motivation, dramatic irony, denoument, the reveal, and explain what happens to them in the end, without retelling the whole story. Make sure that references to other characters are directly relevant, for exampl;e you could quote a few examples of times where the character's personality was significant in an incident or in exposition. One carefully written sentence on each point should suffice, again you will not be credited if you retell the whole plot. You should do fine if you cover all those points briefly.

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