How does the SBS TV series Go Back To Where You Came From explore the statement "Through the telling and receiving of stories, we become more aware of ourselves and our shared human experiences"?

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The Australian television network SBS's documentary program Go Back to Where You Came From was broadcast between 2011 and 2018 and progresses over the course of four seasons.

The first season follows a group of Australian citizens who willingly submit to live the first-hand experience of immigrants. They have their cell phones and other personal belongings stripped from their possession—with the exception of a single bag that is allowed to all foreign refugees—and are sent to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. At the end of the season, the group is interviewed to discuss their experiences.

The entire premise of the documentary-style show attests to the truth of the quote above. The show's participants (all of whom started out with diverse opinions on the politics of immigration) serve as storytellers who share with the audience their experience as would-be immigrants. Here, an immigrant experience was imparted on people who would never have been exposed to it otherwise, and their stories and experiences provide visibility for the experiences of immigrants worldwide.

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