How can I rewrite a fairy tale as a newspaper article using the 5 W's and H?

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I misinterpreted your question and instead described how to write a fairy tale using the 5 W's and the H. Below is the better answer.

A newspaper article, unlike a fairy tale, needs to be 'black and white' and to the point. First tell briefly who the persons are, what incident occurred and where it occurred. Provide how and why  the individuals behaved the way they did if the how and why the individuals behaved in the manner they did. Sometimes in articles, the why or how is not obvious in the first reporting so you can have the why or how come in a later article.

Make the language of your article concise and clear.  Leave out unecessary wording such as adjectives or adverbs unless the use of such wording provides factual information such as "the assailant had red hair and wore a plaid shirt".

Consider newspaper article writing to be the opposite extreme from fairy tale writing since it is based soley upon facts available - not hearsay or make believe.

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First choose an interesting character as a protagonist and another as the antagonist - and perhaps another to add interest -that provides the who. Since this is a fairy tale, it would do you well to describe your characters in detail giving physical traits as well a character traits.

Choose what happened to these characters- Put them in a romantic or magical or dangerous situation and describe the events.

Choose where and when.  Perhaps the events take place in a castle or a forest - 2 common fairytale sites during the time when knights, and princesses and dragons roamed the earth.

Tell why and how it happened. What did the protagonist or antagonist or other characters do to put them in the place and the situation they're in.

Since this is a fairy tale it would do you well to describe your characters in detail giving physical as well character descriptions.

Use colorful language and figures of speech to have the reader form a mental picture of your setting and characters.  Use lots of adjectives and adverbs, similes and metaphors as well as color words.

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Newspaper articles are structured on what is sometimes called the "5 W's and the H", which means the who, what, when, where, why and how of an event.  Because newspaper articles are written with an eye toward sharing the most important information as early as possible in the story, a good "lead" sentence will contain several, or maybe all, of these.  So for whatever fairy tale you are rewriting, you will simply report who did what, when and where, why and how he or she did whatever they did.  You will need to focus on the main conflict of the fairy tale as you are reporting the 5 W's and the H.  For example, if one were rewriting the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, a possible approach would be to lead with the reaction of the bears when they return home and find this strange little girl in one of their beds.  Once the 5 W's and the H are out of the way, you begin to share the rest of the details that might be deemed newsworthy; this is also where you might share direct quotations of eyewitnesses who are interviewed by reporters at the scene. 

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