Can you explain the ending of Gargantua?

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Friar John was a leader of the army.

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At the end of Gargantua, the title character’s superior forces defeat the disorganized army of Picrochole and thereby gain control of the lands he had claimed. Picrochole himself disappears in the chaos, and his exact fate is not specified. In an effort to be a just, compassionate ruler, Gargantua agrees that Picrochole’s son may rule when he comes of age. Meanwhile, Ponocrates will govern as regent. The formerly subjugated people, who had suffered under Picrochole’s brutality, are largely willing to accept Gargantua’s proposal.

Friar Jean (or John) is a loyal but sometimes inept leader under Gargantua. Despite some early blunders that harmed Gargantua’s position, the friar later proved instrumental in winning the war. In one stage, he was captured but then killed his captors and in turn captured an enemy leader, Touchfaucet. Near the war’s end, he led a large group into battle; his men defeated and captured a large number of Picrochole’s men.

Friar John’s support earns him a reward appropriate to his view of his religious calling. Gargantua commissions the construction of an abbey, as the friar had longed for, where both men and women will live and work at occupations consistent with their devotion.

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