From the story you chose to read, who was your favorite character and why?

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When reflecting on your favorite character, consider if you related to any of them or found any of them particularly entertaining. For instance, readers might relate to Walter Mitty because he uses daydreams to escape from mundane reality. Many readers might also find the white rabbit from Carroll's story entertaining.

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When reflecting on which character was your favorite, consider if you related to any of them. For instance, in James Thurber’s story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” Walter has intense daydreams in which he does heroic things. Many readers might like Walter because they relate to the way he uses daydreams to escape from reality. You might also consider if you found any of the characters particularly funny. For instance, in Lewis Carroll’s story “Alice’s Adventures Underground,” the white rabbit wears a waistcoat and anxiously says things like “my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!” This image of a stressed-out, well-dressed rabbit is quite entertaining for many readers.

Once you identify which character you are going to write about, you will need to use specific evidence from the story to explain why you liked them. For instance, if you were to write about the white rabbit from Alice’s adventure, you might say that you like him because it is funny that a rabbit dresses and acts in such a proper manner. To illustrate this reason, you might describe how he has a brass plate with the name “W. Rabbit, ESQ” on it. You could also consider if your chosen character did anything you respect or said anything you found insightful.

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