What is a summary of The Book of Travels by Evliya Celebi?

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The Book of Travels by Evliya Celebi is a travelogue that was written in the 17th century. The author of this book, Evliya Celebi, was a Turkish explorer and writer who traveled across the Ottoman empire. His purpose of writing this book is to describe the natural beauty, culture, religion and history of various cities he visited during his travels. This book reveals information about traditions and festivals, religious practices, social customs of people and their everyday life as well as their occupations. This book is divided into two sections. The first section has 41 chapters in which he describes his journey from Istanbul to Cairo between 1640-1652 and includes information about the places he went through on his way there.

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Derviş Mehmed Zillî (1611–1682), also known by the name Evliya Çelebi, was an explorer who traveled around the Ottoman Empire (the central part of which would be modern Turkey). He is known for his Seyâhatnâme ("Book of Travel").

This work exemplifies a genre of travel notes that became popular in the medieval Islamic world. It is a miscellaneous combination of autobiography, travelogue proper, and descriptions of interesting ideas or artifacts the traveler discovers. Although the genre is nonfiction, Evliya Çelebi does include many tall tales and exaggerations and should not always assumed to be factual.

Born to a wealthy family, the author was a devout Muslim who felt he had an almost religious vocation to travel and explore the world from a very young age. He started by taking long walks around Istanbul and progressed to taking official and military jobs that would allow him to explore the world. As he traveled, he displayed great curiosity about everything from local languages to crafts and history to nature, constantly supplementing his observations by seeking out local experts.

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