Summarize and review the book Red-Tail Hawks in Love: A Wildlife Drama in Central Park.

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This book is a bird-watching memoir, or in other words a description of a person’s life watching birds in New York City’s Central Park.  The memoirist is a Wall Street Journal Columnist named Marie Winn, and she describes interesting bird-watching episodes in Central Park with celebrities.  She was particularly interested in the Red-Tail Hawks’ mating song, thus the title of the book.

This type of question is best answered by going to a web site that has reviews.  enotes does not really have book reviews.  You could have also made this a discussion post.  That would give you a variety of opinions.  However, you can also find the information you need with a simple search of a book-seller's web site, such as .  The link below will take you directly to this book.  There are several reviews and a few other summaries there.

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