How should one approach the reading comprehension section in a Year 8-9 English exam with two different texts?

Expert Answers

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This is a good question. There are many different techniques you can use, but if you have to write an essay based on the two texts, then it is important to read the passages first very well. Unless you understand the passages, your essays will not be successful. So, do not feel as though time is so precious that you just have to write.

Second, I would say that after you have read the passages, write out an outline first. More specifically, you want to start with a thesis statement. In a word, a thesis statement is your main point. After this, think about how you want to support your thesis. In other words, ask yourself, why do you think your thesis is a good one.

Third, after this brief outline, then you can start writing. After writing, reread once, if you have time, and make minor corrections.

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