The Lion and The Jewel main character Sidi sitting in the middle of the picture wearing a striped dress with the outlines of two male faces on other side of her

The Lion and the Jewel

by Wole Soyinka

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Comment on the love triangle between Sidi, Lakunle, and Baroka in The Lion and the Jewel.

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All three characters live in the same village in an unnamed African country. The triangle connects Sidi, a beautiful young woman, to the other two characters. Lakunle, the younger man, has moved away for school and has recently returned to serve as a teacher there. Baroka is an older, wealthy, powerful man in the village. Both men want to marry Sidi, who is determined to make the best match.

At its most basic, the contrast between the men is of age, wealth, and tradition contrasted to modernity. Baroka, however, is far more clever than Lakunle, whose book smarts do not make up for his lack of experience. Sidi embodies both old and new ways, not only in her determination to choose her own husband but also in her staying true to traditional ways when it suits her. Baroka resorts to some tricks to catch the desirable young beauty, while Lakunle is clearly outmatched.

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