(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

Freedman says in his Newbery Medal acceptance speech, "I picked Lincoln as a subject because I felt I could offer a fresh perspective for today's generation of young readers, but mostly I picked him because I wanted to satisfy my own itch to know." In presenting the man who is often considered the greatest American president, Freedman writes with a knowledge of what interests young readers. He knows that a young American will not accept the standard portrait of the perfect president and a faultless man. Though Lincoln was great, biographies of him should show his human qualities.

In the brief span of 145 pages, the author combines text and photographs to present a remarkable amount of information about Lincoln and his times. Freedman is a thorough researcher who has covered every relevant source. His book should whet the reader's appetite to learn more about this appealing and perplexing subject.

(The entire section is 149 words.)