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(Great Characters in Literature)

Sasaki Katsura

Sasaki Katsura, a young man, the elder son of a feudal lord and his late first wife. After a period of dissipation, Katsura, with the help of loyal friends and retainers, successfully foils a plot to prevent him from being named as his father’s heir.

Sasaki Sadakuni

Sasaki Sadakuni, Katsura’s father, a feudal lord of Yamato Province. For a time, he is deceived by the plot against Katsura. When the plot is revealed, however, he forgives Katsura and makes him his heir.

Kumode no Kata (Lady Spider)

Kumode no Kata (Lady Spider), the present wife of Sadakuni and a plotter against Katsura. She wants her own son to be Sadakuni’s heir.

Sasaki Hanagata

Sasaki Hanagata, the twelve-year-old son of Lady Spider and Sadakuni.

Ich no Mae (Lady Ginkgo)

Ich no Mae (Lady Ginkgo), Katsura’s wife. Persecuted and abducted by her husband’s enemies, she is rescued and finally reunited with her husband.

Tsukiwaka (Young-moon)

Tsukiwaka (Young-moon), the young son of Katsura and Lady Ginkgo. He is saved from attempted kidnapping and at last is restored to his parents.

Fuwa Dken (Road-dog)

Fuwa Dken (Road-dog), steward to the House of Sasaki. He is the chief villain, Lady Spider’s co-plotter. Foiled in his attempts to discredit Katsura and to murder Lady Ginkgo and Young-moon, he is imprisoned after his plot is...

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(Great Characters in Literature)

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