The Light in the Forest

by Conrad Richter

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In The Light in the Forest, how does the Council of War affect True Son?

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The Council of War deeply affects True Son, because he is told that he has to return to his white family.

True Son is a White Boy who lives among the Delaware Indians.  He was captured at four years old and adopted by Cuyloga to replace a son who died.  True Son thinks that he is Indian now, and his White blood has been replaced with Indian blood.

For days word had been reaching the Lenni Lenape and Shawanose must give up their white prisoners.  Never for a moment did the boy dream it meant him.  Why, he had been one of them ever since he could remember! (ch 1, p. 4)

True Son has been fully indoctrinated into the Delaware Indians, and does not want to return to the White family he no longer knows.  However, the decision has been made and he has no choice in the matter.  He has to leave what he thinks of as his true family.

When Cuyloga forces him to return to the Butlers, True Son feels sad and betrayed.  His “father” tells him to go live among the White Man with pride and not shame his people.  True Son is not sure his "father" is right to give him back.

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