(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

LIFETRENDS profiles our culture in relation to the impact baby boomers will have and/or will experience upon aging. Included are theses on families, women, Social Security and health care.

LIFETRENDS draws a portrait of an evolving multigenerational family, which will probably be headed by an educated, career-oriented, female baby boomer and will comprise a combination of blood relatives and others not included in the traditional extended family.

New living arrangements will include unrelated individuals sharing three-bedroom homes in new and more interactive suburban communities. Mature individuals will be in better emotional, mental, and physical shape, and work past age sixty-five. Economic crises will bring generations together to work toward efficacious solutions. Women and minorities will have many of their needs fulfilled, including a place in politics.

With the graying population outnumbering the young, older Americans will have more clout in the marketplace, and the majority of the advertising dollar will be devoted to touting products developed for their needs.

While LIFETRENDS contains a great deal of material interesting to a general audience, it may pall for the lay reader, due to the complexity of its investigation. And, while appealing in its depiction of a relatively benign old age for them, at times, the book may alienate early baby boomers because of a tendency to prophesy their later behavior as a direct result of indelible exposure to and participation in the youth culture of their early years--in particular, the counterculture of the 1960’s.

Overall, however, LIFETRENDS is compelling and worthy of attention from professional and lay readers alike.