Christian Themes

(Literary Essentials: Christian Fiction and Nonfiction)

In compiling the discourses that make up Life Is Worth Living, Sheen anchored his preparations to the Scriptures and commentaries. He frequently referred to the teachings of the four Gospel writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Among the many Christian topics addressed by Sheen in Life Is Worth Living are the relationship of humanity with God the Father, the significance of Jesus Christ as a man and as God, the role that sin and sacred ordinances play in daily life, the constant struggle between the human soul and the materialism promoted by the world, and the importance that faith in God and love for fellow beings play in the growth and progress of each individual.

Within Life Is Worth Living, Sheen asks many important, searching questions related to the spirituality of humankind. He poses and provides answers to questions about whether life is really worth living, whether God understands people’s suffering, whether prayer is a dialogue, and what it takes to heal the human soul. With Jesus Christ as his primary focus, Sheen explains the purpose of human life in a mortal world, the necessity of Adam’s fall and the resulting consequences, and how humankind can avoid the pitfalls of sin by exercising faith in Christ. As required by the Gospel taught by Jesus Christ, Sheen advocates the importance of the preservation of human rights in the battle to save souls. He points out that it can be an overwhelming proposition for...

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