Life in the Thirteen Colonies

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What traditions did the colonists bring to America?

Expert Answers

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The colonists brought many traditions with them from the Old World. The first tradition would be the English language. Most of the colonists thought of themselves as good English citizens who were loyal to the Crown and Parliament. Most colonists were Protestants who regarded the French and Spanish as the enemy. Of course, that did not stop them from trading with them, but the colonists always fought on the side of England throughout the eighteenth century when the Crown looked for volunteers.

The English colonists also brought over ideas of individual land ownership and a legal system. Much of early colonial law is based on English laws. English citizens living in the colonies sought to create laws similar to what they had in England. English citizens in the colonies also had the same holidays as those who remained in England; the exception to this would be the Puritans who saw some holidays as being anti-religious. English citizens in the colonies also enjoyed tea, a tradition which they brought over from the Old World.

While the colonists had their own system of governance with legislative bodies that were more responsive than Parliament, they still regarded themselves as loyal English citizens. By maintaining their language, legal code, and patriotism, they maintained their English identity.

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