Life in the Thirteen Colonies

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What is colonial America known for?

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Colonial America is known for its diversity, despite most of the people living there being from the British Isles. In New England, one had the Puritans with their town meetings and religious values. In Pennsylvania, there were tolerant Quakers whose farms would make Pennsylvania the breadbasket of colonial America. Maryland would have a substantial Catholic population. Virginia and South Carolina would be known for their substantial plantations and, eventually, slaves. Georgia would be founded as an alternative to debtor's prison. New York would be the most cosmopolitan of all the colonies, and New York City would be known as the commercial hub of the New World. It is remarkable that all of these colonies could consider themselves English given their diversity in purpose and makeup.

Overall, colonial America is known for its nearly limitless supplies of natural resources, especially arable farmland, timber, and furs. Even though Britain and the rest of Western Europe valued the sugar from the Caribbean more, colonial America would eventually grow into a commercial hub in its own right.

The colonies would also be known for their gradual buildup to revolution and the steps they took after the Revolutionary War to establish their own government. That is remarkable as well given that many revolutions often have counterrevolutions that destroy any sense of stability in the new nation.

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