In Yann Martel's Life of Pi, what was Pi's first day plan at Petit Seminaire?

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Previously, at his first school named St. Joseph's, Pi was bullied for his full name Piscine. Other students would make fun of his name because it sounded like the English word "pissing." Like anyone, Pi didn't appreciate the way the other students teased him about his name. So when he finally was able to go to a private secondary school in Pondicherry, he took his circumstances into his own hands and made sure that everyone would call him Pi. He did this by walking up to the black board at the beginning of every class period and presenting himself in an nontraditional manner during roll-call. He didn't even ask the teacher if he would be permitted to write on the black board, that's how determined Pi was to secure his name in everyone's heads at the beginning of the year. Once he got to the black board he wrote "My name is Piscine Molitor Patel, known to all as Pi Patel" (22-23). In order to make himself clear, he would then write the mathematical figure for Pi=3.14 so everyone would pronounce it correctly. This event indirectly characterizes Pi as assertive and confident--two traits that later save him when he is stranded on the ocean.

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