What examples show compatibility between religions and zoos in Life of Pi chapter 1?

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I know zoos are no longer in people’s good graces. Religion faces the same problem. Certain illusions about freedom plague them both.

After stating this, Pi goes on to explain that while people may see zoos as a form of captivity for animals, in fact, a properly kept zoo can be a sanctuary for an animal. An animal in a proper zoo no longer needs to live in a constant state of fear; wondering if he will be killed by a predator, if he will have enough food, if he will have to defend his territory with his life. Pi suggests that wild animals are not actually free because they are held captive by the harsh realities of nature. A zoo is a sanctuary that provides peace and security, which in turn, allows the animal to feel free.

This concept can also be applied to religion. Even though religion can seem restrictive because it stipulates rules one must follow, religion actually sets the individual free because it provides security and safety within the harsh world.

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