The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy, Gent "That's Another Story"

Laurence Sterne

"That's Another Story"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: One of the memorable characters in Tristram Shandy is Corporal Trim, who served in the wars under Uncle Toby and later became his body servant. Like Uncle Toby, he is kindly and warm-hearted; also like Uncle Toby, he is deeply interested in matters military. Tristram tells of an occasion when Corporal Trim read a sermon on conscience to Mr. Shandy, Uncle Toby, and Dr. Slop. Throughout the reading, the three kept interrupting Trim to argue about the validity of the theology in the sermon, with Uncle Toby interjecting observations about battle strategy and tactics. Moreover, as the sermon proceeded, Trim was reminded, through a reference to the Inquisition, of his brother, who was at the time a prisoner in Portugal. So upset did he become that he began interrupting himself; and so distraught was he, as he approached the end, that Mr. Shandy had to complete the reading:

"––I tell thee, Trim, again," quoth my father, "'tis not an historical account–'tis a description."–"'Tis only a description, honest man," quoth Slop, "there's not a word of truth in it."–"That's another story," replied my father.–"However, as Trim reads it with so much concern,–'tis cruelty to force him to go on with it.–Give me hold of the sermon, Trim,–I'll finish it for thee, and thou may'st go."