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Corinthian Tom

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Corinthian Tom, the scion of a wealthy British family. He is a young chap anxious to experience life. Under the tutelage of Bob Logic, he explores all the facets of London life by getting into scrapes and out of them. He is accompanied part of the time by his cousin, Jerry Hawthorn.

Bob Logic

Bob Logic, a onetime law student in London. He is a merry chap who always has a joke. He is Corinthian Tom’s mentor after Tom’s parents die. He ends up in debtor’s prison.

Corinthian Kate (Catherine)

Corinthian Kate (Catherine), a beautiful and talented courtesan, one of the most desired in London. She becomes Corinthian Tom’s mistress.

Jerry Hawthorn

Jerry Hawthorn, Tom’s country cousin. He comes to London to learn about life in the city. He is a likable young chap. He has to leave the life of London when he falls ill.

Doctor Pleas’em

Doctor Pleas’em, favorite doctor of the gay young blades of London.

Mr. Primefit

Mr. Primefit, a most accomplished tailor. He is popular because he does not press his customers for payment.

Miss Satire

Miss Satire, a fashionable woman attracted to Jerry.

Lady Wanton

Lady Wanton, Miss Satire’s sister, a lively woman who first embarrasses Jerry and then, disguised as a nun, flirts with him.

The Duchess of Hearts

The Duchess of Hearts, a fashionable, beautiful woman who strikes Jerry dumb with her beauty.


Trifle, the skinniest dandy in the city.


Sue, a friend of Corinthian Kate. She is attracted to Jerry.

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