Historical Context

George Anton, Jeffery Kissoon, Olwen Fouere, Simon Turner, and Nicholas Bailey in a 1998 production of Life is a Dream Published by Gale Cengage

The Golden Age in Spain

The period between 1580 and 1680 is called the Golden Age in Spain, when art and literature...

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Life Is a Dream Literary Style


Life Is a Dream is a comedia, a form of Spanish drama perfected at the beginning of the...

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Life Is a Dream Compare and Contrast

  • 1600s: People often consult the stars to help them decide how to act and to see into the future.

    Today: Many...

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Life Is a Dream Topics for Further Study

  • Although dreams are generally thought not to be real in themselves, they have often had the power to transform reality. Choose two works...

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Life Is a Dream What Do I Read Next?

  • "Abu Hassan; or, The Sleeper Awakened," in The Arabian Nights (ca. 1000 C.E.), is the tale of a wise young man who...

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Life Is a Dream Bibliography and Further Reading


Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, Life Is a Dream, translated by Edward and Elizabeth Huberman, in The...

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Life Is a Dream Bibliography

(Great Characters in Literature)

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Maraniss, James. On Calderón. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1978. One of the starting points in the discussion of the new interpretations of Calderónian drama.

Parker, A. A. The Mind and Art of Calderón: Essays on the Comedia. Cambridge, England: Cambridge...

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