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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Libra, written by Don DeLillo, was first published in 1988. This story is about the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated President John F. Kennedy, and it blends reality with fiction.

This novel discusses the events that helped shape the assassination on November 22, 1963. This story describes Oswald's life as a young boy, as an adolescent in the Marine Corps, his marriage, and his role in Kennedy's assassination.

DeLillo claims that the assassination attempt made on Kennedy was in fact a plot by the CIA in order to convince the government to declare a war on Cuba. To do this, he introduces a character named Nicholas Branch, a CIA chronicler.

In the novel, Oswald is portrayed as an odd man with dyslexia. DeLillo describes Oswald as a complicated man who readers can easily identify with. For example, in the novel Oswald is loving towards his wife and children but also beats his own wife and disrespects his mother.

DeLillo also introduces other men involved in the assassination attempt: Win Everett, Lawrence Parmenter, and Guy Banister.

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