Lewis Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Poetry Criticism)


Beechen Vigil, and Other Poems 1925

Country Comets 1928

Transitional Poem 1929

From Feathers to Iron 1931

The Magnetic Mountain 1933

Collected Poems, 1929-1933 1935

A Time to Dance, and Other Poems 1935

Noah and the Waters 1936

Overtures to Death, and Other Poems 1938

Poems in Wartime 1940

Selected Poems 1940

Word over All 1943

Collected Poems, 1929-1936 1948

Poems 1943-1947 1948

Selected Poems 1951

An Italian Visit 1953

Collected Poems 1954

Pegasus, and Other Poems 1957

The Gate, and Other Poems 1962

On Not Saying Anything 1964

Requiem for the Living 1964

Selected Poems 1967

The Whispering Roots 1970

Other Major Works

A Hope for Poetry (criticism) 1934

A Question of Proof [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1935

Revolution in Writing (pamphlet) 1935

The Friendly Tree (novel) 1936

Starting Point (novel) 1937

Child of Misfortune (novel) 1939

Malice in Wonderland [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1940; also published as Summer Camp Mystery, 1940

The Case of the Abominable Snowman [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1941; also published as Corpse in the Snowman 1941

Minute for Murder [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1947

The Poetic Image (criticism) 1947

The Poet's Task (lectures) 1951

A Tangled Web [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1956; also published as Death and Daisy Bland, 1960

The Buried Day (autobiography) 1960

The Deadly Joker [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1963

The Lyric Impulse (criticism) 1965

A Need for Poetry? (lectures) 1968

The Private Wound [as Nicholas Blake] (novel) 1968

On Translating Poetry (treatise) 1970