Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Investigate the geography of the story. Get a map of New York City and plot the various sites on it.

2. Compare this story to other works of literature in which a child or pre-adolescent voice is used. Decide if the voice is consistently authentic. Are there any lines that sound as if written by an adult?

3. Investigate present-day disparities in living expenses in Manhattan and Harlem.

4. Discover the history of Harlem. What was the area like in its prime?

5. F.A.O. Schwarz has been featured in other works of literature and in several films. Research the store to see why it has captured the imagination of so many writers and directors.

6. Research the performance of children on New York City's mandatory assessment tests. What disparities remain in educational opportunities for children in different areas of the city?

7. Sylvia alludes to the fact that all of her family has moved to the city from the South. Research this migration to discover when and why it happened as well as whether it continues today.

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