Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

The professor

The professor, between fifty and sixty years old, who tutors individual pupils for their “total doctorate” examinations. During a session with a young female student, he is meek at first. He becomes more intense and authoritarian as the lesson advances. Eventually, he becomes irrationally, even absurdly, angry; disallowing any interruptions of his barrage on philology, the old man grows increasingly excited. First, he attacks the student using language as a tool of dominance, power, deception, and, in the end, violent cruelty. Finally, he loses all patience and sinks into a homicidal mania. He aids the maid in disposing of the student’s body.

The pupil

The pupil, an eighteen-year-old woman wearing a gray student’s smock with a small white collar and carrying a student’s bookbag. A new student of this professor, the young lady is hopeful of passing a “total doctorate” exam and has engaged the professor as a tutor. As the lesson progresses, she displays an absurd lack of elementary knowledge, such as the capital of France and the seasons of the year; she can add and multiply but is unable to subtract. Faced with what appears to be a remorseless and ominous personal attack, this pupil develops a toothache that eventually spreads over her entire body. Midway through the lesson, she unexpectedly musters enough courage and composure to defy the professor—without success. Reduced to an aching...

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