A Lesson Before Dying Overview Quiz

A teacher by the name of Grant Wiggins is sent to help an elderly convict cope with his impending death sentence. Be sure you recall the details of how both men help each other by taking the eNotes quiz for A Lesson Before Dying by Earnest. J. Gaines.

  1. What did Mr. Antoine tell Grant about his teaching?

  2. Where does Grant ask Vivian to meet him?

  3. What does Jefferson do when Grant arrives alone with the picnic basket?

  4. To what do both the prosecution and defense compare Jefferson?

  5. What bet has Mr. Louis made regarding Jefferson?

  6. What does Sam Guidry believe Grant will try to do?

  7. How does the guard say Jefferson has been acting since being imprisoned?

  8. Jefferson has wrongly been convicted of what crime?

  9. What does Dr. Joseph say about the children's textbooks?

  10. What does Tante Lou want from Grant?