Les Misérables Saint Denis: Questions and Answers
by Victor Hugo

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Saint Denis: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Jean rent the house in the Rue Plumet?

2. Why does Jean decide to leave the safety of the convent?

3. What events prompt Jean to decide to leave the country?

4. How does Eponine manipulate both Cosette and Marius?

5. To what degree are the men in the barricade outnumbered? What is the inevitable outcome of the battle?

6. Who is the spy in the barricade, and what is his fate?

7. How does Jean read the message Cosette sends to Marius even before Marius receives it?

8. How does Jean intercept the message Marius sends Cosette from the barricade and what does he do when he reads it?

9. What does Marius threaten to do if the soldiers do not retreat?

10. What does Marius write in his letter to Cosette?

1. He rents the house because it is located on a deserted street and because it has a secret passage to an outside entrance a third of a mile away from the house. The passage will provide a safe exit if escape is necessary.

2. Jean decides to leave the convent after Fauchelevent dies so that Cosette may have a more normal life.

3. Two events convince Jean that he is in danger of being discovered. The first is that he finds an address scratched on his garden wall. He does not know that Marius wrote it there for Cosette. The other is that a paper with the word “REMOVE” written on it is dropped in his lap when he is sitting by the river. He does not know that it was written by Eponine, who was hoping to frighten him.

4. Eponine manipulates them by not delivering a letter Cosette has paid her to take to Marius. Instead, she gives him a message that entices him to join his friends in the barricade.

5. Since the government has an army of thousands and there are only fifty men in the...

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