Les Misérables Marius: Questions and Answers
by Victor Hugo

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Marius: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. What kind of man is M. Gillenormand?

2. What were the highlights of Pontmercy’s military career?

3. Why does Marius live with his grandfather instead of his father?

4. What instruction does Pontmercy leave Marius when he dies?

5. How does the information Monsieur Mabeuf gives Marius change his mind about his father and about politics?

6. When Marius falls in love, how does he inadvertently change her life?

7. What lies do the Jondrettes tell to gain sympathy and assistance from M. Leblanc and his daughter?

8. What is Jondrette’s real identity, and why does he hate M. Leblanc?

9. Why does Marius not act immediately to save Leblanc and his daughter?

10. How does the appearance of Javert abort Jondrette’s plan?

1. M. Gillenormand is a bourgeois man who is somewhat of a snob. He wants to control everyone in his life, and when they do not do what he wants, he punishes them. He rejects the husband of his daughter for political reasons, prevents Marius from living with his father, beats his servants, and treats his 50-year-old daughter like a child. He banishes Marius from his house when Marius disagrees with him.

2. He was a decorated soldier of the revolution who fought in almost every campaign including Waterloo.

3. M. Gillenormand has threatened to disinherit Marius unless the boy lives with him.

4. He asks his son to do all he can for Thénardier, who saved his life at the Battle of Waterloo.

5. Monsieur Mabeuf tells Marius that his father loved him very much and that he attended mass just to get a glimpse of his son. He informs Marius of the fact that his father made this sacrifice so that he would not be disinherited by his grandfather. Realizing for the first time that his father loves him, Marius is compelled to learn more about his father’s political views. After much research, he changes his own political views and becomes a revolutionary.

6. Marius follows her to her home and makes inquiries about her. This makes Jean nervous so he...

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