Les Misérables by Victor Hugo

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Jean Valjean: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How does the relationship between Gavroche and Marius compare to the relationship between Pontmercy and Thénardier?

2. How does M. Gillerormand react to Cosette and Marius’ marriage?

3. What is the final outcome of the battle at the barricade?

4. What obstacles does Jean encounter as he carries Marius through the sewers of Paris?

5. Why does Javert commit suicide?

6. Why does Jean pretend to have an injury when Cosette gets married?

7. Why is Jean despondent after Cosette’s wedding?

8. What evidence does Thénardier produce to prove that he is telling Marius the truth?

9. How does Marius resolve his obligation to Thénardier?

10. What final requests does Jean make before he dies?

1. Both Marius and Thénardier risk their lives to rescue a fallen comrade. When Gavroche is shot, Marius carries his body back to the barricade just as Thénardier carried Pontmercy to safety when he was injured in battle. The difference is that Pontmercy was still alive when Thénardier rescued him.

2. He invites Marius and Cosette to live with him. He gives up his own room for them and fills it with fine furniture.

3. The soldiers break through the barricade and kill most of the rebels. Jean sees Marius fall and carries him to...

(The entire section is 434 words.)