Les Misérables Marius: Summary and Analysis

Victor Hugo

Marius: Summary and Analysis

The Grand Bourgeois - Summary
New Characters:
M. Gillenormand: an elderly bourgeois gentleman

Mademoiselle Gillenormand the Elder: oldest daughter of Gillenormand

Lieutenant Théodule Gillenormand: Mademoiselle’s nephew

M. Gillenormand is 90 years old. He treats his 50-year-old daughter like a child and sometimes beats his domestics. He is “truly a man of another age — the genuine bourgeois of the eighteenth century, a very perfect specimen, a little haughty.”

Gillenormand’s daughters are ten years apart in age. The younger daughter is happy, gay, and married to the man of her dreams. The other, Mademoiselle the elder, remains unmarried. Ever modest, she...

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