Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Leonardo Sciascia (SHAH-shah) was a prolific writer whose works in a wide variety of literary forms are unified by a passion for justice, an Enlightenment devotion to reason, and an obsession with Sicily and its violent history. Sciascia published poetry (La Sicilia, il suo cuore, 1952), drama (L’onorevole, pb. 1965), and short stories (Gli zii di Sicilia, 1958 [Sicilian Uncles, 1986]; Il mare colore del vino, 1973, including work by others [The Wine-Dark Sea, 1985]) in addition to his novels, but he was particularly productive as a writer of nonfiction. The concerns of his novels, most of which adopt the form of the mystery or detective novel and are based on real incidents, are reflected in his accounts of true crime, La scomparsa di Majorana (1975; The Mystery of Majorana, 1987), I pugnalatori (1976), and L’affaire Moro (1978; The Moro Affair, 1987).

Among Sciascia’s many other books are several works dealing with Sicilian history, two studies of his fellow Sicilian Luigi Pirandello, and several collections of essays and miscellaneous prose, including Le parrocchie di Regalpetra (1956; Salt in the Wound, 1969), La corda pazza (1970), and Cruciverba (1983).