Leonardo da Vinci

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What can we learn from Leonardo da Vinci?

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We can learn a lot from Leonardo da Vinci, including the idea that we should not limit ourselves to one profession or passion.

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Leonardo da Vinci was a renowned artist who lived in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. He was successful in a wide range of artistic media, including painting, drawing, and sculpture. While da Vinci is primarily known for his art, he is also considered to be an all-around genius for many other accomplishments. For example, he was also a groundbreaking inventor and engineer who developed some of the earliest plans for flying machines that would later inspire airplanes and helicopters. He was also passionate about such diverse areas as science and math, anatomy and physiology, geology and botany, astronomy and architecture, and music and paleontology.

Today people are sometimes criticized for spreading their interests too thin and not focusing in on one professional area. However, da Vinci proves that it is possible to pursue all of our passions. Da Vinci’s contemporaries highly respected him and appreciated him as a man with rare talent. This was true despite the fact that he was not born into a noble family and did not attend an academic institution. Nonetheless, his accomplishments cannot be denied. Therefore, today we can learn from da Vinci that no matter where you come from or what your qualifications are, you can do amazing things.

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