Leonardo da Vinci

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Farago, Claire J. “On Leonardo da Vinci's Defense of Painting against Poetry and Music and the Grounding of Aesthetic Experience.” Italian Culture IX (1991): 153-70.

Examines how Leonardo's argument for painting as a superior art form affects modern views concerning the “authority of word and image.”

Panofsky, Erwin. “The History of the Manuscript.” In The Codex Huygens and Leonardo Da Vinci's Art Theory: The Pierpont Morgan Library Codex M. A. 1139, pp. 9-13. London: The Warburg Institute, 1940. Reprint. Nendlen, Liechtenstein: Kraus Reprint, 1968.

Discusses the textual history of the Codex Huygens, which consists of a compilation of Leonardo's notes on the form and structure of the human body, as well as theories on light and shade, and perspective.

Viglionese, Paschal C. “Leonardo and the Nature of Writing: A Page from His Notebooks.” Canadian Journal of Italian Studies XV, No. 44 (1992): 11-16.

Attempts to show that despite Leonardo's emphasis on painting over poetry, an example from his notes shows that Leonardo conceived of writing, like painting, as a visual art.

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