Léon-Gontran Damas

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Principal Works

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Pigments (poetry) 1937
Retour de Guyane (nonfiction) 1938
Veillées noires (short stories) 1943
Poètes d'expression française: 1900–1945 [editor] (poetry) 1947
Poèmes nègres sur des airs africains [African Songs of Love, War, Grief and Abuse] (poetry) 1948
Graffiti (poetry) 1952
Black-Label (poetry) 1956
Névralgies (poetry) 1966
Nouvelle somme de poésie du monde noir [editor] (poetry) 1966
Hommage à Jean Price-Mars [editor] (nonfiction) 1969
Pigments, Névralgies (poetry) 1972

∗A revised edition of this work was published in 1962.

†An enlarged version of this volume was published in 1972.

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