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Further Reading

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)


Adler, Jeremy. "Voices in a Metaphysical Madhouse." The Times Literary Supplement (October 7-13, 1988): 1121.

Brief discussion of Wohin rollst Du, √Ąpfelchen. Adler lauds Perutz's simultaneous treatment of "local concerns" and "greater European ones" in the novel.

Durrant, Digby. "Odd Men Out." London Magazine 29, Nos. 9-10 (December-January 1989/1990): 134-37.

Asserts that By Night Under the Stone Bridge is a surprising and engaging tale.

Finkelstein, Barbara. Review of Little Apple. The New York Times Book Review (April 26, 1992): 18.

Characterizes the novel as a successful "travels-in-hell Baedeker of revolutionary Russia."

Grube, G. M. A. Review of Where Will You Fall? The Canadian Forum XL, No. 129 (June 1931): 350-51.

Praises Perutz's creation of "splendidly alive" characters in Where Will You Fall?

Review of The Master of the Day of Judgment. The Times Literary Supplement (January 30, 1930): 72.

Brief review that praises Perutz for infusing his old-fashioned horror story with contemporary psychological analysis.

Vansittart, Peter. "Multiple Divisions." London Magazine 29, No. 182 (April-May 1989): 151-54.

Admires Perutz's depiction of artist Leonardo da Vinci in Leonardo's Judas and praises the "grimly realistic war scenes" and "dimension of mystery" in The Marquis de Bolibar.

Additional coverage of Perutz's life and works is contained in the following sources published by Gale Research: Contemporary Authors, Vol. 147; and Dictionary of Literary Biograpby, Vol. 81.