Lenora Mattingly Weber

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John W. Conner

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Sometimes a Stranger is a fitting finale for the talents of Lenora Weber. She had an ever-present finger on the reading pulse of younger adolescent girls.

In Sometimes a Stranger, Stacy Belford's on-again-off-again-then-on-again love affair with wealthy Bruce Seerie is traced through Stacy's senior year at St. Jude High School and into the summer following her graduation. (pp. 1385-86)

Hours of heartache and moments of happiness alternate in Sometimes a Stranger, much as they do in an adolescent reader's own life. This element, of course, is what makes Lenora Weber's stories meaningful for her many readers. Stacy and Bruce both begin to face the future more realistically at the close of this novel. Each has learned that personal values are something one has to develop within oneself, not accept from parents or friends. Both young people are wiser and closer together at the close of Sometimes a Stranger. I predict that younger adolescent girls will enjoy this last Lenora Weber book for many years to come! (p. 1386)

John W. Conner, in English Journal (copyright © 1972 by the National Council of Teachers of English), December, 1972.

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